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Individual / Private Cremation

Individual cremation services include the gentle pick up of your pet at your veterinary hospital or home.  The individual cremation process, placing the cremated remains in an attractive urn and hand delivering the remains back to you or your veterinary hospital to be reunited with your family. A certificate of cremation and grief package is issued with every individual cremation.


Individual cremation means that only your pet is placed into the cremation chamber. The remains of your loved one are then returned to you and your family.


Remains are usually returned within 72 Hours of Pet Pickup. We are also available for after hours emergency service if needed. Pet drop off is welcome by appointment. 

Individual Pet Cremation
Group / Communal Cremation

Communal cremation means that your pet is cremated in a group setting along with other pets.  The services include the gentle pick up of your pet at your veterinary hospital or home and the cremation.  This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost.  Pet ashes are not returned, but are scattered at Caring Hearts in the fields of our family's beautiful farm.


Additional Services

After Hours Pick Up / Drop Off Available - Call to Schedule

Many Urns & Memorials Available

Phone (501) 679-2970

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We will personally bring your pet's cremains back to you as you requested. 


Usually within 72 Hours, please note special order urns usually take a 7 to 10 days

We will begin the cremation process where only your individual pet is cremated at our facility.


Your pet will absolutely receive the very best aftercare service available. 


We completely understand that your pet is part of your family. 

Contact us at 501-679-2970 or email to arrange a pickup of your pet or drop off your pet at our facility. 


At this time you may request a special order urn or provide our staff with any further special requests.  We will also collect your Pet's personal information and your contact information.

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